Privacy Policy

The publisher is particularly concerned about the users privacy and is frugal with respect to data collection and its use. In general the publisher only saves data that is required to provide, enhance and support the services or is required for legal reasons.

The Users Profile

The users declaration of profile data (e.g. name, gender, profile picture, list of friends) is entirely voluntary. The user is permitted to use a pseudonym, as long he does not breach third parties rights or conditions. In particular those conditions include the terms of third parties that assist in hosting the game (such as social networks or websites). If technically possible the user is permitted to change the information (e.g. using available privacy settings). The user provides the publisher with data, so that the publisher can provide the service. The publisher is permitted to save and buffer the data and to show it to other players in high scores. In this case the player picture, player name and game progress will be used.

Gameplay Activity and Replays

The publisher is permitted to create screenshots, videos and so called replays of the gameplay activity and share those with players as well as with third parties. If the creation of images and videos is explicitly permitted and technically offered by the publisher (i.e. through a screenshot button), the permission to do so applies for the player and all co-players.

Connection Data

Connection Data (such as ip address, time and browser name) is saved for technical purposes (e.g. load balancing, analysis of the service) as well as in order to secure the services (see paragraph 10). It will be used to identify a user only in case of suspected breach of contract (see paragraph 9b and 5.3.3).

Right Of Disclosure And Deletion

In case paragraph 9b and 5.3.3 do not apply, profile data is deleted automatically on proper termination of the user contract. Connection data is saved in anonymized manner for up to 3 month. The user is entitled to receive information about his data from the publisher. The user is entitled to deletion of his data unless this would hinder paragraph 9b and 5.3.3 or is determined otherwise by law. The information can be requested from the publisher, by sending a written request stating an email or postal address.